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For construction, MC provides a wealth of power saws, hand saws, and accessories to take on heavy-duty materials, like wood, brick, stone, and metals. The uniform cutting actions of band saws are ideal for wood or metal cutting, but they’re also useful for irregular, curved shapes. Chop saws and cut-off machines are ideal for precise and burr-free cuts. Cordless saws and electric circular saws are available to help ease your cutting tasks. We've got virtually every kind of saw you might need: flush-cut saws, hacksaws, handsaws, jigsaws, masonry saws, miter saws, panel saws, radial arm saws, reciprocating saws, and scroll saws. Plus we've got sawhorses and work stands to help you stabilize and hold parts for cleaning, cutting, routing, assembling, painting, welding and more. Table saws are generally larger, and their circular blades protrude through the table’s surface for increased stability. MC has the saws and accessories to take on any challenges you come across.

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Pressure & Temperaure Control

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