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Clamps hold workpieces in place by applying consistent pressure via spring, ratchet, lever, or hand screw mechanisms. Angle clamps facilitate right-angle joining and fastening applications such as welding, gluing, and driving screws. Combination bar clamps and spreaders have removable end fasteners that can be reversed for spreading items. C-clamps have fixed-width, C-shaped frames and adjustable hand screws that are tightened or loosened to secure workpieces. Cantilever clamps resist distorting or twisting while being tightened. Locking clamps have quick-release triggers and adjustment screws that offer one-handed operation while securing and releasing workpieces. Spring clamps offer one-handed operation similar to a clothespin. Toggle clamps and hold-down clamps mount to work surfaces and hold workpieces in place. Strut and spring compressors compress and hold automotive strut springs when disassembling struts and replacing shock absorbers.

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Pressure & Temperaure Control

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