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Help avoid used cutting blades from lying around and help protect against cutting hazards with a blade disposal unit. Our supply of carpet knives and linoleum knives allow you to cut carpeted and linoleum flooring, and they’re available in a number of lengths and blade materials. Duct knives and cutters let you cut through flexible duct and duct boards, while duct stretchers allow you to pull duct runs together for cleating. Find fixed blade knives in a number of blade edges, blade types, lengths, and blade materials. Select a folding knife to handle a variety of tasks such as stripping insulation from electrical wiring or cutting strapping off a bundle. Precision knife and precision blade choices include art and hobby knives, knife sets, and replacement precision blades. Rescue knives and tools help aid first responders in rescuing patients from unsafe situations. Rotary cutter blades are available in different blade diameters and thicknesses and can cut through a number of materials.

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Pressure & Temperaure Control

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