Definite Purpose Motors

Definite-purpose motors are AC motors with mechanical features designed for a specific purpose or application. They are driven by alternating current and require low power to start. These motors are commonly used to replace old or broken motors with the same specifications in compatible equipment. Brake motors stop movement in a system or keep loads from moving when the power is turned off. Farm-duty motors and washdown motors are designed to withstand water in damp, dirty environments. Pump motors power pumps to move liquids and gases through a system. Hazardous location motors are used in equipment in areas where explosive materials may exist. Instant reverse motors power equipment that reverses direction frequently. Vacuum motors move clean, dry air through the motor to blow air out or provide powerful suction. Vector motors can power machinery at a wide range of speeds while maintaining torque. Vibrator motors provide vibration for shifting and moving materials on the equipment.

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Pressure & Temperaure Control

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