Precision Measuring Tools

Precision measuring tools help maintain quality control on the production floor. Calipers measure the distance between two opposite sides of a part. Gages measure height, width, angle, radius, thickness, and other specific dimensions on parts. Micrometers measure extremely short distances, such as the thickness of a piece of sheet metal. Gauge blocks can be used to measure distances between parallel surfaces and to verify the accuracy of micrometers and other measuring tools. Adjustable parallels securely hold workpieces in a vise or clamp during machining operations. Indicators are used to amplify and measure small distances and angles, ensure accuracy of manufacturing for quality control, set up machines for production, or take precise measurements for a variety of applications. Durometers measure the elasticity of materials. Edge and center finders help users find spindle centers and working points on drill presses and milling machines during setup.

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