Lubricants & Penetrating Lubricants

Lubricants and penetrating lubricants add a slippery film or coating on machinery, tools, or parts to reduce wear and friction between surfaces and keep equipment running smoothly. Lubricants can be applied to bearings, hinges, and other moving parts to limit friction, overheating, or squeaking noises. Penetrating lubricants seep between threads and other tight spaces to help loosen stuck fasteners or bolts for removal or to displace moisture and relubricate moving parts.

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Anti-Seize Paste Anti-Seize Paste,MOLYKOTE 1000,1Kg/Can MOLYKOTE 14CAA1S


Rust Remover Rust Remover,WD-40,200ml/Pcs WD-40 14CE1S


Release agent Release agent,210L,Mfr.Model Reebol Fosroc 14CF1S


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Pressure & Temperaure Control

Product Number: 45GG70

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