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Commercial refrigerators and freezers provide cold storage space and preserve food, beverages, lab samples, and other heat-sensitive items. Keeping items chilled or frozen in these appliances slows bacterial growth to prevent spoiling and product loss. Refrigeration equipment and accessories are tools and parts for servicing refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. They keep air conditioning (AC) and refrigeration systems running properly to avoid system breakdowns and minimize energy costs. Refrigeration equipment is used for testing systems, making repairs, regulating system pressure, and purging and recharging refrigerant. Ice machines provide ice for cooling beverages and for preserving food and other perishable products in kitchens, food service areas, or hospitals. Accessories include ice scoops for removing ice out of bins, ice totes for transporting ice between locations, and ice machine cleaners to remove limescale and odors that contaminate ice.

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Pressure & Temperaure Control

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