HVAC Controls and Thermostats

HVAC controls include valves, switches, and dampers to regulate temperature, humidity, energy, and pressure systems in commercial HVAC and refrigeration applications. Traditional mechanical thermostats and electronic thermostats control temperature in residential or commercial applications. Wireless Wi-Fi thermostats allow remote monitoring and control of a heating and cooling system and provide you with email alerts via a PC, smartphone, or tablet. HVAC building automation products include controls and room temperature sensors to simplify networked zone control for common HVAC equipment such as packaged rooftop units, air handlers, fan coil units, and heat pumps. Reduce energy costs and conserve resources with control accessories including enthalpy sensors, universal resistor kits, and temperature sensors. Pneumatic damper actuators use air to provide dependable, proportional control of dampers in either independent or sequence operations in heating and cooling applications.

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Pressure & Temperaure Control

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