Tire and Wheel

Tire and wheel equipment helps maintain, repair, and balance tires to keep vehicles on the road. Inner tubes and reliners replace punctured or deteriorated tubes to hold air within tires. Tire bead sealers and patch cements bond patches and plugs to tires. Tire chains fit over tire treads to provide traction in snow and ice. Tire repair patches and sealants cover or fill in punctures to plug leaks. Tire changing machines and tire mounting tools help remove tires from wheel rims and mount tires to wheel rims. Tire chucks, inflators, and pumps add air to tires. Tire-pressure and tread-depth gauges check the air level and tread condition of tires. Tire and wheel balancers adjust tire balance to ensure consistent contact with roads and prevent uneven tread wear. Tires and wheels are replacement units for vehicles such as trailers, wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, and garden tractors.

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Pressure & Temperaure Control

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