Vehicle Lighting

Vehicle lighting provides visibility so drivers can navigate and people can see nearby cars, trucks, and trailers. Automotive lighting strips brighten cabs, compartments, and cargo areas. Clearance and marker lights mark wide or tall vehicles. Emergency vehicle warning lights and vehicle light bars call attention to first responders, security patrols, and utility crews. Remote-controlled spotlights direct light on specific areas. Stop, turn, and tail lights signal a driver's intent to help prevent collisions. Vehicle back-up lights warn that a vehicle is in reverse. Vehicle courtesy lights and dome lights illuminate vehicle interiors. Vehicle fog lights cut through haze, rain, and snow to increase visibility. Vehicle headlights allow drivers to see roads, pedestrians, and road hazards in the dark. Vehicle strobes and beacons identify forklifts and moving equipment in areas such as parking lots and warehouses. Vehicle work lights supply extra light at jobsites.

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