Automotive Lifting Tools

Automotive lifting tools are jacks, stands, and ramps that raise vehicles off the ground or lift vehicle components to allow maintenance and repairs. Air, mechanic, and hydraulic floor jacks are used in auto shops and garages to provide air- or hydraulic-powered lifting of vehicles and other heavy loads. Automotive loading ramps move vehicles that need repair or load vehicles like forklifts onto trailers for transport to jobsites. Bottle jacks are portable hydraulic jacks that can be stored in a vehicle for on-the-go maintenance such as tire changes. Engine stands hoist and support engines so mechanics can access all sides for inspection and repair. Motorcycle lifts and plow jacks are sized to lift motorcycles, ATVs, and other small-engine equipment. Transmission jacks have an adjustable head for aligning with transmission bolts patterns and pins. Vehicle stands are typically used in pairs to jack up and support each side of a vehicle.

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