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Waste bags and accessories are used to line trash bins or collect waste. Sometimes called bin liners, waste bags are used for collecting a variety of materials, including everyday trash, biohazard and hazardous materials, lawn and construction waste, litter, and recyclables. Color-coded bags help staff quickly identify and sort different types of waste to help keep them safe, ensure waste is handled and disposed of correctly, and make processing faster.

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Trash Bags Trash Bags,100Gal 70pcs/bag,Black Sabic Sabic 3LHA3S


Trash Bags Trash Bags,70Gal 100pcs/bag,Black Sabic 3LHA1S


Trash Bags Trash Bags,50Gal 100pcs/bag,Black Sabic 3LHA2S


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Pressure & Temperaure Control

Product Number: 45GG70

x1 138SR / PCS