Masonry, Concrete and Tile Tools

Masonry, concrete, and tile equipment is used to prep, pour, and finish concrete and tile surfaces. Masonry tools, such as hoes and trowels, mix and apply mortar for laying brick or tuckpointing. Concrete tools include vibrators for removing air bubbles from poured concrete as well as edgers and trowels for providing a finished surface. Deck and floor scrapers remove adhesives and prepare surfaces for refinishing. Cordless rebar tying tools hold wire ties and automatically wrap wire ties around rebar, reducing operator fatigue over hand tying and speeding application.

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Brick Trowel Brick Trowel,8" Other 31QAAA2S


Square Trowels Square Trowels,28*13cm Other 31QAAC2S


Square Trowels Square Trowels,11"*4.5" Other 31QAAC1S


Margin Trowels Margin Trowels W,idth 4.5",Length 11" Other 31QAAB1S


Square Tube Square Tube,80mmx40mmx5mmx6m,Matercials Aluminum Alloy Other 31QABA1S


Brick Trowel Brick Trowel,Length 8" Other 31QAAA1S


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Pressure & Temperaure Control

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