Oils lubricate tools and machinery to reduce friction between moving parts. This helps prevent wear and tear on equipment and reduces the risk of overheating. These industrial oils also help block out water, prevent rust, and unstick mated parts and threaded fasteners. Gear oils form a heat- and friction-resistant barrier on gears. Hydraulic oils resist changes in volume and viscosity to power and lubricate hydraulic systems. Machine oils lubricate machinery to keep moving parts from sticking and to reduce machine noise.

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Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil,TOTAL 68,208L TOTAL 14GB1S


Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil,Mobil M46,4L Mobil 14GB2S


Gear Oils Gear Oils,Model 600 XP 220,208L, Mobil Brand ,Made In Saudi Mobil 14GA1S


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Pressure & Temperaure Control

Product Number: 45GG70

x1 138SR / PCS